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About us

The owner Mr. Carmen Jordan Sr. has been in the Sports Memorabilia Business since the mid 1980's, yet his love for Sports can be traced back to his childhood growing up in a very large family on the North Side of Chicago.

Carmen was the son of a Chicago cop, who worked as a part time security officer at Wrigley Field back in the late 60's & early 70's so Carmen spent the biggest part of his youth attending Cubs games in the Left Bleachers of Wrigley Field while his Dad was on duty running ballpark security. (an Original Bleacher Bum at age 12 in 1969,

Carmen still has his yellow construction helmet which was daily Bleacher wear for all the Left Field bums) Carmen Married his High School sweetheart in 1974 at the age of 18 and he and his wife Christine have been happily married and working in the family businesses now for over 43 years.

In 1984 when Carmen and his 8 year old son Carmen Jr were heavily into baseball card collecting they decided to jump head first into the Sports Cards & Memorabilia business.

Starting out by doing & Sponsoring local Weekend Sportscard shows in the Central Florida area a few weekends every month, it became not only a hobby but a business and  by 1988 we Owned and operated 4 Jordan's Sportscards stores around Central Florida. In the mid 90's the Sportscard business began to fade a bit due to the Major Sportscard companies over producing product and it kind of hurt the market which is run by the supply and demand factor.

In 1994 The Jordan's decided while we Love Sports and Love working together in the family businesses the Sportscard market was no longer a good business option.  
At that point they shut down all but one of the memorabilia stores and jumped into the Sports Restaurant Business. by 2010 business was booming at 4 Central Florida Sports Restaurant locations called "The Friendly Confines" customers at the Restaurants would ooh and aah over the major displays of Sports Memorabilia that graced the walls of all the Restaurants and Carmen still had a warehouse full of interesting items from back in the booming glory days of the late 80's and early 90's. 

Restaurant customers were always inquiring about purchasing some of Carmen's collection of Memorabilia and by 2013 we were selling about 2,000 pieces of signed and authenticated memorabilia a year just through the restaurants.At this point we decided to jump back into the Sports Memorabilia Business along with the chain of Successful restaurants throughout Central Florida. We began doing player signings and bringing players into our restaurants for meet and greets and autograph signings and it seemed liked we've found the perfect mix.

Today we operate 4 local Restaurants and a large Sports memorabilia store in the Oviedo mall as well as our online website which is run by Ms. Kimberly Metcalf who started out 10 years ago at the age of 19 working at one of the Friendly Confines restaurants locations and now handles not only office duties such as payroll for our 150+ employees, but most of the ins and outs of the mail order business.

We hope you'll take a look at our extensive display of Signed Sports items here on our site and help support our family business.